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My Why

mY why

The number one question you're asked when running for office is, "why?"  Why are you running for office?  It's a great question. I grew up in Wisconsin, and there are many reasons I can list including reproductive rights, women's rights, education, and personal freedoms.

One night I was thinking about this question during bedtime with my 7 year old daughter.  Doing my best to not fall asleep myself (parents - I see you!).  When I reduce all the reasons listed above and more, it may sound cheesy, the bottom line is love.

Love for my state, my community, my friends and family - love for my daughter's future.  Her right to choose who she wants to be, who she wants to love, the education she will have access to, the books she can read, and the ability to serve herself with the healthcare she'll need to take her through every step of life.

So yes, I'm running for love, because love wins.



Education in Wisconsin is a cornerstone of our state's identity, and it's crucial that we uphold our tradition of excellence, providing a solid education for all students to ensure their success and the prosperity of our communities.

Public Safety

Enhancing public safety in Wisconsin necessitates comprehensive measures including community policing initiatives, addressing root causes of crime, investing in mental health resources, and promoting effective collaboration between law enforcement agencies and local communities.

Reproductive Rights

Safeguarding abortion rights in Wisconsin is essential to uphold women's autonomy over their bodies and ensure access to safe and legal reproductive healthcare.

Affordable Childcare

Ensuring affordable childcare in Wisconsin is crucial for families to access quality care, support working parents, and provide children with a nurturing environment for their development.


Boosting the economy in Wisconsin involves implementing policies that foster innovation, support small businesses, create job opportunities, and invest in workforce development to ensure sustainable growth and prosperity for all residents.

Accessible Healthcare

Improving accessible healthcare in Wisconsin is essential to ensure that all residents can obtain the medical services they need, regardless of income or location, promoting better health outcomes and well-being across the state.

All the above issues are crucial pillars for building a prosperous and equitable community, requiring collective effort to secure the well-being and future of all our residents.
We can't do it without you!

Meet Megn

meet megan

A native of Delafield, Wisconsin, I proudly hail from the heart of the Kettle Moraine district. My journey led me to pursue higher education at UW-River Falls, where I earned my undergraduate degree.​

My professional career has taken me across the country, and ultimately brought me back to Wisconsin to be close to family and surrounded by the place I call, "Home."  Along the way experiencing leadership roles in my profession, and spending time in industries such as Banking, Real Estate Investment Trusts, Hospitality, Food and Beverage, and Technology.  I currently work in digital marketing for a software company.


While my academic and professional pursuits have been fulfilling, nothing compares to the joy and challenge of being a single mother to my incredible 7-year-old. Parenthood has been my greatest teacher, shaping my values and driving my passion for creating a better future for all families in our state.​


For the past five years, I've called Waukesha home. This vibrant city has captured my heart with its spirit and sense of community, reinforcing my commitment to serve its residents.  My decision to run for the State Senate was deeply rooted in my experiences as a woman navigating the complexities of our political landscape. Growing up, I witnessed firsthand how policies can profoundly impact the lives of women in our state. This awareness fueled my determination to be a voice for change and advocate for equity and justice.​


As your state senator, my mission is clear: to restore stability, protect the integrity of our school boards from political interference, and ensure that our state government works tirelessly to serve its residents.


Together, let's build a future where every Wisconsinite can thrive.​  Thank you for entrusting me with the opportunity to serve you. I look forward to earning your vote and working alongside you to build a brighter tomorrow for all.

District 82


Take Acton


Looking for ways to get involved?  We are always in need of volunteers.  We understand that teamwork is crucial for success, which is why we're urging you to join our campaign. Whether you're making phone calls, canvassing neighborhoods, or assisting with events and rallies, your contribution matters greatly. Together, we can enact the change we envision for our community and move closer to a more promising future.

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